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AMBIEN UK (Zolpidem, Stilnox) is a doctor supported medication used to treat lack of sleep. It has a spot with a class of drugs called opiate hypnotics. Ambien works by toning down mind activity and provoking rest.

Ambien uk is by and large required one time every day, not well before rest time. It should be taken with a full glass of water. Ambien may be taken paying little heed to food. If you take it with food, you could experience sleepiness and debilitated coordination.

If you miss a piece of Ambien, don’t take it later in the day. Doing so may assemble the bet of accidental impacts. In case you take Ambien more much of the time than suggested, you could cultivate protection from the medication. This suggests that it will as of now not be convincing in treating your lack of sleep. Expecting that this occurs, address your essential consideration doctor about elective prescriptions.

Ambien could cause auxiliary impacts, including drowsiness, shakiness, and headache. These delayed consequences are ordinarily delicate and decide in isolation. Regardless, accepting that they proceed or weaken, address your PCP. Ambien may similarly cause more serious auxiliary impacts, for instance, sleepwalking and rest driving. If you experience these delayed consequences, quit taking Ambien and address your essential consideration doctor immediately.


It is indispensable with comply to the headings on the most capable strategy to take AMBIEN (ZOLPIDEM, STILNOX) as suggested by your PCP. Take AMBIEN (ZOLPIDEM, STILNOX) unequivocally as composed.

The proposed segment for adults is 5-10 mg once everyday not well before rest time.

For seniors (65 years and more prepared), the recommended starting part is 5 mg once consistently not well before rest time.

For people with liver issues, the recommended starting piece is 5 mg once everyday not well before rest time.

You shouldn’t acknowledge more than 10 mg of AMBIEN (ZOLPIDEM, STILNOX) in a 24-hour period of time.

Accepting that you take an unreasonable measure of AMBIEN (ZOLPIDEM, STILNOX), you could experience the going with:




Slow heartbeat

Low circulatory strain

If you experience any of these incidental effects, call your PCP or poison control concentrate immediately.

Dosing data

the proposed part of Ambien for adults is 10 mg once everyday. In any case, certain people could require a lower segment or may need to take it basically a couple of times consistently. The proposed segment for seniors is 5 mg once consistently. People with liver issues should take a lower segment. The proposed segment for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding is 5 mg once Stilnox a day.

The recommended piece of AMBIEN (zolpidem, stilnox) for adults is 10 mg once everyday to day. The recommended segment for old patients is 5 mg once consistently. The recommended segment for adolescents is 2.5 mg once consistently. The proposed segment for infant kids is 1 mg once consistently. The proposed segment for pregnant women is 5 mg once everyday.



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